2020 International Conference on Geotechnical, Civil Architectural and Safety Engineering
Prof. Ahmad Safuan Bin A. Rashid


Title: Automatic Wireless Accelerometer Monitoring System For Slope Stability

Abstract: There are numerous sorts of instruments that have been utilized to monitor the high-risk slopes as a preventive precaution should a slope fail. Unfortunately, a few of them have the capacity to be installed directly into the slope as a detection unit of slope failure. Automatic Wireless Accelerometer Monitoring (AWAM) system is an innovation in the slope monitoring system that is introduced in this paper. Considering limitations of previous monitoring systems in slope monitoring, the AWAM system will overcome problems such as geomorphology limitations, physical obstructions, and performance deficiency in unfavorable climate conditions and concurrent works at a site. In addition, minimal human interaction is required since the sensors are automatic and placed on the slope. This study demonstrates the ability of the AWAM system, to monitor slope instability as well as its effectiveness as an early warning system. This research includes laboratory physical modeling calibration of the device and loading test. Numerical models of the slope were built by using Slope/W software. The proposed monitoring system was confirmed to be suitable for measuring soil movement, given that the device is moving in tilting modes. The physical modeling presented promising results in correlation with the numerical modeling, thus the AWAM system is expected to be functional for large scale applications.