2020 International Conference on Geotechnical, Civil Architectural and Safety Engineering
Dr. Guanyi Yu


Research Area:

Urban and Rural Planning, Building Environment and Management, Energy and low carbon economy management, Strategy Management

Work Experience

Nov. 2018 - Present:

School of Architecture, Tianjin University, as Lecturer

APEC Sustainable Energy Center,as researcher

Dec. 2017 - Oct. 2018: 

School of Law, Civil Aviation University of China, as Lecturer

Selected Publications

Articles in Referred Journals:

1. Yu Guanyi*, Chen Weidong. Wang Qian. Analysis of E-government Evolution Model and Wisdom Government Structure. China Administration. 2016, 2:22-26.

2. Yu Guanyi*, Li Chenghong. A systematic view of the role of social factors in human health. China Rural Health Care Management. 2016, 36(5): 619-621.

3. Yu Guanyi*, Chen Weidong. Research on Microgrid Stakeholder Identification and Cooperative Development Model under the Government's Guidance. China Administration 2017, 7: 138-142.

4. Yu Guanyi*, Lin Qiang. Discussion on the construction and efficacy of electronic medical record quality control system. China Rural Health Care Management. 2014, 34(12): 1470-1472.

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9. Lin Qiang, Yu Guanyi*, Li Miao, Zhang Baoyin. Design of Quantity Discount Contract under Factoring Financing. System Engineering 2016, 34(9): 103-108.

10. Chen Weidong, Fan Wanlong, Yu Guanyi. Optimal cost-reimbursement rules combining carbon emission reduction targets with power conversion efficiency for microgrid firms. Fresenius environmental Bulletin.2017,26(5):3093-3727.

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12. Chen Weidong, Zang Wenjuan, Fan Wanlong, Yu Guanyi. Optimize emission reduction commitments for international environmental agreements. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change, 2018,19(2):1-23.

Participate in Academic Conferences

1. The Ninth Annual International Conference of Chinese Scholars Association for Management Science and Engineering(CSAMSE)

2. The 2019 3rd International Conference on Environmental Science, Energy Planning and Management (ESEPM 2019)

3. The 2019 4th International Conference on Engineering Management (Iconf-EM 2019) 

4. The First APEC Sustainable Cities Development Model Seminar

National and Provincial Projects:

1. National Social Science Found:Research on Development Model and Path of Integrated Energy Service Providers (No. 19CGL006)

2. Major projects of the National Social Science Fund: Research on the impact of smart grid on China's energy supply and energy industry pattern and development strategy (No. 12 & ZD208);

3. National Social Science Fund Major Project: Research on Microgrid Stakeholders and Market Transaction Regulations (No. 2014B1-0130);

4. National Natural Science Foundation of China: Research on multi-selective cooperative game low-carbon policy based on complex networks (No. 71373173);

5. National Natural Science Foundation of China; Tianjin Science and Technology Development Strategy Research Project Project Grant (No. 12ZLZLZF06000);

6. Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents Support Program (No.: NCET-09-0583); Tianjin Philosophy and Social Science Planning Project “Wisdom Tianjin E-Government Construction Research” (No. TJGL11-17) Doctoral Fund Project of the Ministry of Education: Research on the cooperative game mechanism of low-carbon networks (No. 2014DO-0024);

7. Tianjin Key Project of Philosophy and Social Science Research Project (No.: TJGL16-010);

Tianjin Municipal Government's decision-making consultation key topic: Further research on Tianjin urban ecological construction (No.: ZFZX2013-21).